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09/19/2017 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and URL Insurance Group has partnered with some of the life insurance industry’s leading carriers to provide you with web-training on the latest sales tips and trends. These sales concepts will not only help you drive home the importance of life insurance during the month of September but all year long! 

August 29th | 11:00am EST
LIAM: Performing Effective Policy Reviews with North American

North American Company will provide you with sales training on how to “Perform an Effective Policy Review.”  Turn your client into a relationship. You are guaranteed to learn some new tips on how to uncover additional life insurance needs as well as gain new client referrals.  This webinar will show you how to change the life insurance sale from a transaction into a fruitful business relationship.

September 5th | 11:00am EST
LIAM: Selling More Than a Death Benefit with Protective Life

Protective Life is going to show you how to “Sell More than a Death Benefit.” Life insurance policies were designed to pay a benefit upon a person’s death. What happens if that person ends up needing nursing home care, or home health services prior to death? Come learn how Protective Life provides a competitive life insurance policy with Long-Term-Care like benefits. This plan is there when your clients need it throughout the twists and turns of life. Join us to learn more about it!

September 12th | 11:00am EST
LIAM: Foresters Introduces Competitive Term with Incredible Benefits

If you’re looking for a competitive and affordable policy that protects your clients’ families, look no further than Foresters. Our friends at Foresters will unveil the most competitive term policy in the industry. Not only is Foresters providing affordable term rates; they also provide FREE member benefits such as free competitive college scholarships, orphan benefits, a charitable match, and more! Come learn more about how Foresters is changing the term insurance landscape.

September 19th | 11:00am EST
LIAM: The Perfect Employee and The ROTH Safety Chute

We are always looking for new sales strategies, and this webinar has 2 for the price of 1! Our friends at National Life will share with you “The Perfect Employee” and “The ROTH Safety Chute.” Come learn how life insurance can be a way to reward and retain employees as well as provide a security blanket for our clients’ retirement savings.

September 26th | 11:00am EST
LIAM: Tools to Spread the Importance of Life Insurance

Sales Tools at your fingertips. URL Insurance Group wraps up the LIAM web-training series by providing you sales tools to help share the importance of life insurance. This training will give you tools for your next life appointment such as a life insurance needs calculator, consumer brochures, an online consumer quote engine, online applications, and more. Come learn how your partners at URL Insurance Group are ready to help take your life sales to the next level!

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