Call Us: 1-800-926-8875

Call Us: 1-800-926-8875

09/13/2017 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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North American's Legacy Optimizer is now available nationwide!* Legacy Optimizer was designed with the Baby Boomer in mind, providing Guaranteed Death Benefit Protection with a single premium. Join us and Steve Zimmerman, Sales Vice President of North American, for a webinar on September 13th at 1pm to find out how this product can benefit your clients.

The ideal Legacy Optimizer client:

  • Is in need of death benefit protection.
  • Is 50-80 years old.
  • Has sufficient retirement resources and emergency funds.
  • Has $25k to $200k in a low-interest account.
  • Anticipates they will not use all of their wealth during their lifetime.
  • Wants to pass on a legacy to their loved ones.

*Available in all states except CA and NY.

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