Call Us: 1-800-926-8875

Call Us: 1-800-926-8875

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Executive and Administrative

Kenneth M. Clemens President & Chief Executive Officer 107
Joseph Corio, FLMI Senior Vice President 111
Kathy Kepler Human Resources Director 121
Susan Purcell Receptionist 100
Betty Beard Mail Room & Shipping 115


Licensing & Contracting

Tish Whitesel, SILA-A Director of Licensing & Contracting 124
Judy Warner Agent Support Specialist 109
Ashley Rowe-Shuman Agent Support Specialist 125



Brandi Coleman Director of Commissions 143
Jessica Cleary Agent Support Specialist 145


Marketing & Technology

Jim McDaniel Director of Marketing & Technology 144
Sarah Ortega Marketing & Advertising Specialist 139
Michael Johnson Marketing & Advertising Specialist 155
Leslie Dillard Enrollment Specialist 206
Nguyen Dang Information Technology Specialist 129
Stacy Reid Data Processing Specialist 122


Annuity Solutions

Joseph W. Corio, FLMI Senior Vice President of Annuity Solutions 111
Maria Adams Agent Support Specialist 102
Jason Collins Agent Support Specialist 156
Cody Wilbert Agent Support Specialist 136


Employee Benefits

Sam Boore Director of Employee Benefits 134
Jessica Kier New Business Specialist 123
John Rheel AdminCenter Specialist 118
Lindsey Mayeresky AdminCenter Specialist 126
Sherry Webb AdminCenter Specialist 203


Health Plan Options

Deborah Wilkinson, CBC Vice President of Health Plan Options 113
Elyse Frey Group Health Manager 114
Katrina Weisman Group Health New Business Specialist 159
Thomas Purcell Group Health New Business Specialist 207
Judy Reid Individual Health New Business Specialist 104


Life Markets

Steve Clemens Vice President Life Markets 132
Matt Allina Agent Support Specialist 141
Joey Frey Agent Support Specialist 157
Rosemary Evans New Business Specialist A-L 127
Rachel Patton New Business Specialist M-Z 130


Medicare Offerings

Karen McDaniel Director of Operations & Compliance 117
Christy Wilbert Director of Marketing 152
Janine Rehkop Agent Support Specialist 112
Alyssa Balkcom Agent Support Specialist 149